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The p’tite Buteuse is a blonde beer unfiltered with very fine bubbles. Its fizz releases lemon scent from Cascade hops brewed cold entangled coriander and sweet fragrance typical of Belgian yeast. On the palate, it offers refreshing citrus, all supported by crisp pilsner malt flavors. The p’tite Buteuse a dry version and lively than its big sister, which makes a refreshing drink of quality.

Target audience: The father Buteux in all his magnanimity and with all his foresight, predicted the popularity of his striker. Under the recommendation of a renowned apothecary, he wrote in his youth a version of his elixir which permits to drink a few pints without sinking in the intoxication and unconsciousness. This beer is for the Buteuse lovers whose want to drink.
  • Origin QUEBEC
  • Brewery Trou du Diable
  • 6.0 ALC/VOL
  • Formats:
    • keykeg 30L
  • OG: 11.3

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